Canada is undoubtedly considered to be one of the safest and friendliest places on the planet. The people always greet strangers with a warm smile, and they strive to be good hosts. Besides the people, the country itself offers peace and tranquillity, to visitors who have the time to experience everything this great nation has to offer.

Outdoor Activities

If you are planning to take a trip and see something different, be sure to add Canada to the list. This gem is packed with lots of fun if one knows where to look. For those of you who enjoy outdoor activities, Canada is the place to be. We will unpack all the great places to visit and ensure that the trip will be one for the history books. We will highlight all the great lakes to visit. Some interesting information, such as the largest freshwater lake, which is found in Canada, will be discussed.

For those who enjoy spending their time in or around the water, we have some interesting details for you. Canada is known for offering some enjoyable extreme water sports which are sure to get the heart pumping.

If extreme sports are not for you, camping or hiking might be better options. The campsites are lovely and peaceful, and the hiking trails breath-taking.


Another reason to visit Canada is to see this beautiful natural phenomenon. A lot of people only dream of seeing this spectacular sight, but sadly live so far away from the poles where they occur. If you are among the many who yearn to experience the Northern Lights, your best bet will be Canada. We will discuss how to view this hidden gem.

The Movies

Canada’s film production industry is on the rise and has a lot to offer to its enthusiastic fans. A lot of famous films, such as Mean Girls, were filmed in Canada. Famous Canadian celebrities have graced the TV stations there. Such actors include Drake, Will Arnett, Jim Carrey, Ryan Gosling and Russell Peters. Next time you are watching movies, be sure to look out for these great actors.