Canada is well known for being a relaxed country. This mostly has to do with the warm and friendly people as well as the calming landscape that is a sight for sore eyes. This destination is a must for someone looking to have a peaceful and truly amazing vacation. There are so many activities to do here in the city as well as away from civilisation. One of the many outdoors activities one can do is to go hiking. There are so many breathtaking hiking trails for beginners as well as seasoned veterans. Another exciting outdoor activity is to visit a nearby lake.

Lakes to Consider

  • Lake Ontario

This beautiful lake is found on the border between Canada and the US. It is a freshwater lake that is home to a variety of freshwater fish as well as birds that feed on these delicacies. This lake is considered to be part of North Americas five Great Lakes.

  • Lake Winnipeg

This lake is renowned for fishing. It has various species of edible fish that are caught throughout the year. It is reported that the state of Manitoba, which is the province where Winnipeg is found, receives roughly $30 million from the fish industry generated from this lake.

  • Lake Superior

This lake is the largest freshwater lake and also the largest of the Great Lakes that are found in North America. The lake is 1 300 feet deep, and it is reported that if it is emptied, it would take around 200 years for it to refill.

What to Do at The Lake

The life the average human being lives now is very stressful. This is because we live in a world where one has to constantly perform and try by all means to meet or surpass targets. This often results in people taking work home or even working through weekends as well as holidays. This stress can get too much, and so a vacation will be needed to relax and reset to avoid burnout.

  • Camping

Vacations can be expensive, especially if they are not planned well or done on short notice. A great alternative is to drive to your nearest camping site. This is not only cost-effective but provides the family with enough time to catch up and learn a few things in the process. Camping at one of the lakes in Canada is so freeing due to the scenery. The air itself around these areas is so fresh and different from the city air that is filled with pollution, stress and misery. Families can get some fresh and delicious fish from the lake. This experience is so thrilling, especially to the young children, because it not only provides sustenance for the night but makes good memories to be carried around for the rest of one’s life.

Learning how to pitch a tent is also an enjoyable activity. It not only provides the family with some much-needed bonding time, but it is also fulfilling when the tent is pitched well. It is important for people to read the instructions thoroughly to avoid having a tent that leaks water when it rains.

  • Water Sports

Canada’s lakes are not only good to look at but also offer adrenaline junkies as intermediate water lovers the opportunity to do some thrilling activities. Some of the lakes are surrounded by cliffs and mountains. This can provide divers with a chance to jump-off some of the most picturesque cliffs and in the process, get some of the most amazing pictures and videos for social media. Quiet boat rides can be taken by those that prefer to take in the beauty bit by bit. The magnificent views at Lake Ontario or Lake Superior allow for this to happen. One can also have a beautiful picnic and share a bottle of wine with a friend or partner while enjoying the sunset.

  • Hiking

For those who enjoy a little adventure and want to tick off as many boxes as possible, hiking around one of the Great Lakes of Canada will be a very wise decision. Hiking is so exciting because it is a mix of pleasure and pain. Some of the trails are long or a bit hard to navigate, but the end result is spectacular, breathtaking and worth every drop of sweat, bump and scrape. Most of the hiking trails surround the lakes or go into the mountains. In the process of completing this fulfilling walk, hikers have an opportunity to get amazing views from the higher ground, which allows them to pick up particular feature’s others cannot usually see.