Canada is considered to be one of the most breath-taking countries on the planet. When it comes to peace and tranquillity, it has it all. It has excellent weather, plus beautiful vegetation and landscapes to marvel over. It is definitely one country which should be added to the list by someone looking to explore different cultures and environments.

The Lakes

Besides being home to some of the best maple syrup in the world, Canada is well known for a lot of things and has much more to offer. Some of these great attractions include their various jaw-dropping lakes. If one is very passionate about water sports, fishing, camping, or relaxing by the water, these lakes are a great destination.

One of the most popular lakes is Lake Superior, which is situated in Ontario. It is reported that it is the largest freshwater lake on the planet. Some people even joke by saying it is “bigger than some countries” due to the vast area it covers. This lake offers 11 scenic hiking trails, and this allows for hikers to get a good workout while taking in the beautiful views. Hikers are sure to see unusual features such as waterfalls, cliffs and canyons, depending on the particular route taken. There are some lovely campsites which both casual and professional campers can really enjoy.

Ontario is also home to another beautiful lake, Lake Ontario. This lake is also a freshwater lake and is known for providing lots of residents, as well as neighbouring cities, with fresh drinking water. This lake is also used for electricity production. Since this lake has freshwater, it is a natural habitat to a lot of animals such as ducks, geese and swans. Various forms of fish, such as trout and bass are among the familiar residents here. Visitors who are interested in fishing, either as a sport or for fun, this will be a perfect place to visit. One’s fishing skills will definitely be tested, as the fish tend to grow very big in size.

Lake Louise, which is located in Banff National Park, Alberta, is one of the most visited lakes in Canada. This lake is very spectacular because of its incredible surroundings. It might not be as big as the ones mentioned above, but what it lacks in size, it makes up for in other ways. It has beautiful emerald green waters which are pleasing to look at.