When movies are mentioned, one of the countries which pops up is Canada. Canada is ideally situated to produce films, due to the landscape, and climate, as well as the people there. A lot of people imagine Hollywood when they think of movies. They are not wrong, but they fail to take into account that some of the greatest movies out there were shot and produced in Canada.

Film Production

Besides the scenery and weather, Canada has provided a lot to the advancement of the film industry. Many actors who are known worldwide, and have graced our television sets, are from Canada. Some of these include Seth Rogen, Kiefer Sutherland, Michael Cera, Keanu Reeves, Sandra Oh and Pamela Anderson. These actors have inspired many in Canada to follow in their footsteps.

Famous Movies

Some of the famous movies which were shot and produced in Canada, include My Big Fat Greek Wedding, and the horror series, “Saw”, which were very popular and wildly received. Other film productions that were shot here, but not produced by Canadians, include Final Destination. This horror movie franchise involved a group of people who were marked for death, and no matter what they did, they all died one by one. Another exciting movie was Night at the Museum. This movie features Ben Stiller, who plays the role of a security guard. The museum’s artifacts come to light at night, due to a curse that was placed on them. What makes this movie even more interesting, are the actors who featured in this movie, such as the late Robin Williams, Owen Wilson and Ricky Gervais.

Information About Film Production in Canada

There are two film industries in Canada. One is the English version which is referred to as the cinema of Canada or Canadian Cinema, plus the French-language cinema, which is known as Cinema of Quebec. The English language cinema has its headquarters in Montreal, Vancouver and Toronto. Due to its close proximity to the country, Canada’s film industry has a strong American influence. Both countries benefit from each other because they have world-class actors as well as directors.

Besides famous actors, Canada has some well-established directors who made history. One such director is none other than James Cameron. He is best known for producing Titanic and Avatar. Both movies were number one in the box office, and remain two of the highest-grossing films of all time.